Second Away Victory In A Row

11 Dec 2004 by jesus

Around eight o'clock in the morning Jesus, B-Jay and the two Flo's made themselves on the way to Bochum. The decision to go there was made during the trip to Gladbach two weeks ago. In a beer mood we said, if we win today in Gladbach …

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Family trip to Gladbach

27 Nov 2004 by jesus

Although we had cancelled all planned trips since the Mainz game, we dared us again to travel with our team. The Biernot founders inclusive female guards upps, meant company as well as Nini & Teddy, Danni, Florian and Florian2 where there. We wanted to go to …

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No flying points back home

09 Sep 2004 by jesus

On this weekend we were able to connect the pleasant with the useful. The pleasant however, was not the soccer match of our HSV, but to visit B-Jay's relations in Stuttgart. “And when we are there already, we could also go to the game”…that was our …

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HSV sank during heavy shower

21 Aug 2004 by b-jay

Around 9 o'clock Big T. and B-Jay and their two Yvonne's made themself on the way to Paderborn. They traveled in Yvonne's small concrete blister. Arrived in the metropolis, there was still best weather, much sun and they even had to fight the wasps. And because …

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The spell continues

14 Aug 2004 by b-jay

New season, new bad luck. Defeats on foreign grounds are staying with us and our team. Biernot took off at 5 o'clock with a 9-seater van to go to Mainz , who plays their first season in the first division. (On board: B-Jay, Big T., Santana, …

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Wie konnte das nur passieren???

01 May 2004 by b-jay

Am Samstag Morgen ging es, nachdem sich die ganze Meute …

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Es gibt keinen Fußballgott, der Fluch hält an!!!

21 Feb 2004 by b-jay

Es ging mal wieder einen Tag vorm Spiel los, aber dieses mal weil es eine hardcore lange Fahrt werden sollte. B-Jay und SteffiSchatzi machten sich am Freitag kurz nach 22 Uhr auf zum Bahnhof Altona, von wo es um 23.17 Uhr mit dem Sonderzug in Richtung …

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Ein Wochenende unter Freunden

01 Feb 2004 by b-jay

Am Samstagmittag machten sich B-Jay und SteffiSchatzi mit viel Jim im Gepäck und einigen Mischen intus, mit Heißhunger auf den ersten Auswärtssieg 2004, auf den Weg. Am Hauptbahnhof kurz Blondi und Jane einsammeln und dann ab in den Zug nach Hannoi. Im Zug musste die erste …

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