Visiting the "old lady" in Berlin

08 Feb 2024 by jesus

Once again, the Biernot squad traveled separately. Steffi, Nini, and Nisi had what seemed like a relaxed girls' weekend in a cozy triple room. It's hard to imagine how crowded the room would have been with Jini, who canceled her trip at the last …

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Nature conservation in Kiel

12 Nov 2023 by jesus

Despite our team's negative away record, Biernot set out for Kiel. This away trip had the charm that the journey to Kiel's "Stork's Nest" took only slightly longer than to a home game.

From the beginning of the game, it was evident that …

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Advantage Leads to a Share of Points

11 Oct 2023 by jesus

The game in Wiesbaden was approaching, but it wasn't under a good omen. The third consecutive away game against a newly promoted team – Elversberg and Osnabrück had each won 2-1 against our HSV. So at least we, the Biernöter, decided to change our …

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We went to Elversberg and all we got was Corona

08 Oct 2023 by jesus

Shortly after midnight, we started to our first away trip of the new season. 

This time, it was off to France, or at least almost, as Elversberg isn't that far from the border. A quick detour to catch a …

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Hooray the whole village is here... and 10.000 Hamburgers

29 May 2023 by b-jay

On we went with the hope of a miracle, to the last game of the season in the south in the Hartwaldt. Onboard almost the full Biernot Crew.

Well supplied, by Biernöter and …

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