Our Story

once upon a time... during the summer break 2000 matured the idea.


Three Freaks were stuck on the fever of the good season 99/00. They were looking forward to the Champions League and expected to meet attractive opponents in completely Europe.


Bjoern, Thomas and Carlo wanted to drive in the season 00/01 more frequently to away games. To have the season ticket for home games is standard. But they wanted to support their team as a correct fan club also away from home and see the stadiums all over Germany and Europe.


Bad tongues maintain, they were only looking for a reason or an apology to drink more. Somehow they are always thirsty. Since the calculation of the beer reserves for the past travels was however constantly set too short and in the Volkspark (Stadium Hamburg) they served only caponized beer, they suffered regularly under the need for beer (Biernot - beer distress)! The name for the fan club was found.


A further brand sign had to be found. Everybody should recognize them everywhere again and they wanted to be able to find themselves in blurred situations. The idea to a sweatshirt had come fast. The development of the layout lasted longer. In the course also the names of the Biernoeter (club member) were brought into being. Thus Carlo became Santana, Thomas Big T. and Bjoern became B-Jay. Finally they could start.


The first trip as a fan club took the Biernoeter on 09th September 2000 to Bochum. A megatrip followed to Turin. During these travels further drink robust fellows were activated. Nebbe, Jesus and Don Promillo were taken up to the Biernot squad. The fence flag had its debut in Dortmund. The drum was used in Frankfurt the first time. Since Bremen also Saufziege (booze goat) belonged to the squad, who however changed to another fan club in the meantime. During the training camp 2002 in Spain the crazy Biernoeter T-shirts found attention by Jérôme. That guy came also from Hamburg and wanted to belong to the squad. He was pretty cool, so he was invited short hand to a test practice (Irish Pub and Tequila bar) and satisfied fully. Since Bielefeld he officially belongs as Bierstier (beer bull) to the fan club.


After the home game vs. North Italy (Bayern Munich) 08/2002 Nebbe dragged a blond soccer-crazy bride along to the third half time in the Bavaria tent on the DOM (fair in Hamburg). Geli accompanied the Biernoeter on some trips and was so inspired that she buged them to take her up as a member. She got on their nerves that much, so she was officially taken up in the squad as Blondi (blond chick) on the trip to Dortmund.

Since that the 7 beer thirsty fellows and their equal opportunity commissioner travel the country and kill a lot of vitamin A. They however never forget their actual task:


- the loud support of the HSV during the hunt for points and goals -

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