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Advantage Leads to a Share of Points

11 Oct 2023 by jesus

The game in Wiesbaden was approaching, but it wasn't under a good omen. The third consecutive away game against a newly promoted team – Elversberg and Osnabrück had each won 2-1 against our HSV. So at least we, the Biernöter, decided to change our tactics and lineup.
Nini and André traveled to Wiesbaden on Friday, seemingly utilizing a Hyperloop as they steadily gained an advantage with their FlixTrain, leading the way until Marburg with a 9-minute lead until the Deutsche Bahn, running late, crossed their path, slowing down their travel speed.

From Frankfurt, thanks to Chris, they took a shuttle to Wiesbaden and checked into their hotels briefly. Chris parked his car, and they delved into Wiesbaden's nightlife. Hunger, thirst, and dancing desires were well satisfied, allowing them to wish the rest of the travel group a good journey before B-Jay, Jesus, and Fabi left for home amid pouring rain.

As the Wiesbaden party crew shuffled along somewhat hungover, B-Jay used the wait time in the parking lot next to the stadium for a quick nap. Afterward, they headed to the train station to arrange a hearty breakfast.

Reinvigorated, they returned to the stadium, sang to warm up, witnessed a peculiar 1-1 draw and couldn't secure a win in their third consecutive away game.

Given that we still hold the second position in the league table, we must be making sacrifices to various football deities. The fact that they reached home swiftly despite road closures, a major accident, and a reduction to one lane was thanks to B-Jay's determination to almost punctually attend his class reunion.

In conclusion: We're flexible, change tactics and lineup, and end up with a draw. Mr. Walter, take a lesson!


Biernöter on tour
  • B-Jay
  • Jesus
  • Fabi
  • Nini
  • Andre
  • Chris
Match infos

2. Fußball-Bundesliga 2023/2024

9. Spieltag

07.10.2023 - 13:00 Uhr

SV Wehen Wiesbaden - Hamburger SV

Final result: 1:1

Course of the game

1:0 - A. Vukotic (81')

1:1 - M. Muheim (89')