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We went to Elversberg and all we got was Corona

08 Oct 2023 by jesus

Shortly after midnight, we started to our first away trip of the new season. 

This time, it was off to France, or at least almost, as Elversberg isn't that far from the border. A quick detour to catch a League 1 game was briefly on the table. On tour this time were B-Jay as the driver, Jesus, Nini, Fabi, André, as well as Timo and Thorsten.

B-Jay already started suffering on the way there, not like the rest of us who only began suffering when we saw today's game. He was hit by a cold, but he managed to get us to our destination on time with a few pit stops. Unlike the rest of us, he couldn't numb his bacteria with alcohol as he was the driver.

After some searching, we found the guest parking lot, an abandoned Max Bahr in a suburb of Elversberg. We quickly killed a beer or two and then took the shuttle bus across the highway right to the guest section.

The entrance guards were there just for show, so getting in was a breeze. First, we inspected the unfamiliar stadium and the makeshift steel pipe stand in the guest area. After B-Jay put up his banner on the guest stand, which surprisingly fit well in the small stadium, we checked out the seating and standing areas. While B-Jay, visibly weakened, opted for the seated area, the rest of us decided for the standing area. You had to stand, but at least you couldn't see much... flag-waving galore. But that also had its silver lining – you didn't witness much of the misery on the pitch.

After a disastrous 90 minutes, both from our team and the referee, we lost the game 2-1. Hamburger arrogance once again ends up aiding struggling newcomers.

Finding the right shuttle back after the game apparently wasn't as easy for all fans. Some had to realize when reaching the destination that the train to Hamburg didn't depart from Max Bahr.

André took over the return trip, so B-Jay could recover. After nearly 20 hours, we were finally back home.

And if you can't return from Elversberg with 3 points, at least return with Corona. As it turned out, it wasn't just a simple cold, but that was just as unexpected as our dismal performance. So, in the end, almost everyone had a souvenir for the days ahead.


Biernöter on tour
  • B-jay
  • Jesus
  • Nini
  • Fabi
  • Andre
  • Timo
  • Thorsten
Match infos

2. Fußball-Bundesliga 2023/2024

6. Spieltag

16.09.2023 - 13:00 Uhr

SV Elversberg 07 - Hamburger SV

Final result: 2:1

Course of the game

1:0 - J. Rochelt (9')

2:0 - Schellbacher (60')

2:1 - M. Heyer (89')