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Hooray the whole village is here... and 10.000 Hamburgers

29 May 2023 by b-jay

On we went with the hope of a miracle, to the last game of the season in the south in the Hartwaldt. Onboard almost the full Biernot Crew.

Well supplied, by Biernöter and external birthday children, one could take on the 650km confidently. Quickly everyone found a seat in Fabi's 9-seater and B-Jay's 7-seater and then the journey could start. And it was not only the drivers going full throttle.

A few hours, rolls, meatballs, beer and shots later we arrived at the guest parking lot at 35°. B-Jay and Till already made their way into the stadium to put up their banners. The rest was staying behind killing a barrel of Gröninger Pils.

In the stadium there was already a lot going on. The guest area (consisted of everything except the  small stands of the Sandhausensupporters) filled up and the atmosphere level rose. Likewise, the beer stand was fully besieged.

On the pitch also everything went as planned. 3rd min. 1:0 Dompé and the HSV already did their duty. When in the second half the result from Regenburg came in 1:0 and 2:0 hell broke loose on the stands. Nothing could go wrong anymore, even a goal for Heidenheim would not have changed anything. 

Then the final whistle was blown and the SVS enabled to storm the pitch by opening the gates. The party took its course, and then came the disillusionment that in the 12th min. of extra the FCH still scored in Regensburg to go up 3:2.

That was it, being in the Bundesliga for 12 minutes. Now it is times to process it alkk and then take on the VfB from Stuttgart in the relegation. Maybe we get our chance there.

On the trip home it was time for a frustration meal at Burger King. Then in a clearly depressed mood, despite our best 2nd division season, it was time to head back north.

If you've been so close, all of that needs to be processed, and that will take a while.


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Match infos

2. Fußball-Bundesliga 2022/2023

34. Spieltag

28.05.2023 - 15:30 Uhr

SV Sandhausen - Hamburger SV

Final result: 0:1

Course of the game

0:1 - J. Dompé (3')