HSV sank during heavy shower

21 Aug 2004 by b-jay

Around 9 o'clock Big T. and B-Jay and their two Yvonne's made themself on the way to Paderborn. They traveled in Yvonne's small concrete blister. Arrived in the metropolis, there was still best weather, much sun and they even had to fight the wasps. And because they have been there way too early and could not find any Foodstop, they had to play mini golf to kill the time. The girls won, but afterwards they got beaten in beer-killing. *haha * Arrived in the so-called stadium the fence flags were hung up. That turned out as a big mistake, because after 10 minutes in the game it began to shower cow shit. 10 seconds later everyone was soaking wet. The fence flags have not been dry 3 weeks later to the Stuttgart game. Fortunately in the misfortune they could change clothes after the fucked up match. They found dry sportswear, which was coincidentally still in the car. Thus they could prevent at least the Flu. Totally "dressed up" they drove back home. On the way they met B. Hoffmann and K. Kraus (HSV executives) in a gas sation. They stayed dry and did not even try to hide their smirk. As if the 4:2 disgrace was not already bad enough...

Conclusion: Hamburg can not even win against a 3rd league team. So the fan club Biernot (actually founded as an away game fan club) could disband confidently.

The photos are kindly provided by the Paderborn fan club "Weser mountain country syndrome". We had forgotten our cam. However, here are still some nice pics.


Biernöter on tour
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