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Visiting the "old lady" in Berlin

08 Feb 2024 by jesus

Once again, the Biernot squad traveled separately. Steffi, Nini, and Nisi had what seemed like a relaxed girls' weekend in a cozy triple room. It's hard to imagine how crowded the room would have been with Jini, who canceled her trip at the last minute...

Led by B-Jay, the "Team Men, Boys, and Guests" traveled on Saturday, leaving the most beautiful city in the world around 2 p.m., and a few moments later, they met near the Olympic Stadium Berlin at the 'Preußischen Landwirtshaus'. The greetings were abundant, as they had encountered several people from Harburg and their companions on site. Strengthened by food and drink, they then waited for about an hour at the stadium entrance, darted around the stadium to use the restrooms and visit the beverage stands, and just before kick-off, rushed into the stands.

The game went into halftime with a score of 1-1 of hitting the posts but no goals, with just about four minutes of added time. Busy activities during halftime tea, the second half began and...

Tennis Borussia Berlin seemingly took the lead in the east stands in protest of the DFL's investor plans. A total of 32 minutes of game interruption due to tennis balls repeatedly thrown onto the field then turned the game around, but in a positive direction. Finally, the teams scored instead of just hitting the crossbar and posts, albeit on both sides. But just before the end, as the winning goal was scored, Nini and Steffi nearly fell down the stands, pushed by some weird and overenthusiastic guys, and a window was smashed in the ladies' restroom after the game. If you can't handle alcohol or an away win...

In the end, three crucial points were earned toward securing a direct promotion place and a separate journey back. "Team Car" returned on Saturday night, while "Team Girls" stayed until Sunday on site.


Biernöter on tour
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Match infos

2. Fußball-Bundesliga 2023/2024

20. Spieltag

03.02.2024 - 20:30 Uhr

Hertha BSC - Hamburger SV

Final result: 1:2

Course of the game

0:1 - M. Muheim (77')

1:1 - H. Tabakovic (82')

1:2 - L. Reis (83')