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We went to Elversberg and all we got was Corona

08 Oct 2023 by jesus

Shortly after midnight, we started to our first away trip of the new season. 

This time, it was off to France, or at least almost, as Elversberg isn't that far from the border. A quick detour to catch a …

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We have been to Magdeburg

29 Apr 2023 by jesus

We could have made a big step towards directly Relegation with a win in Magdeburg.

But we didn't... So we had to drink down the despair about our previous players scoring against us with a lot of beer. 

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Finally back on the Betzenberg

16 Apr 2023 by jesus

It's been a long time since we last played on the Betzenberg in Kaiserslautern. A whole 10 years.
All the greater was the anticipation of an expectedly terrific atmosphere on a saturday evening at 8.30 p.m. in the top match …

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Auswärtsspiel gleich um die Ecke

25 Nov 2000 by b-jay

Das Topspiel am Samstag Abend.

Irgendwann nachmittags haben wir (Don Promillo, B-Jay, Santana) uns in Hamburg-Horn getroffen. Dann ging es mit mit Don´s Bleifuß ab nach Roahrstock. Ca. 18 Uhr Ankunft und Parken direkt vor dem Stadion. Allerdings genau vor der Rostock-Kurve. Don …

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